DAO REIT Platform

for Real Estate Assets

Create security-backed assets with predictable risk and yield

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What is

DAO REIT Platform
for Real Estate Assets?

It’s a procedure that allows combination and instant addition of small amounts of assets into an economically feasible pool for securitization to unlock the financing power of a wide range of asset classes.

what assets

can be securitized

Continuous audit & continuous pricing from DAO REIT can reduce the cost of securitization of traditional assets. As a result annual percentage rate decreases by 0.5-2%

  • Real estate loans, such as HELOCs (home equity line of credit)
  • Real estate funds or trusts (REITs - real estate investment trust)
  • Corporate debt

Even more than that. Now it is possible to securitize assets that previously couldn’t be effectively combined due to the lack of audit tools and valuation standards

  • Art objects (paintings, sculptures, digital art)
  • Media: movie financing, music rights, blogs content
  • IP
role of

continuous audit & pricing in securitization

DAO REIT tools create evaluation standards (like the Kelly Blue Book for used auto) for unique low-liquid assets


It works


DAO REIT experts select a tokenization standard based on:

  • Asset type
  • Legal status
  • Cash flow
  • Borrower’s goals

And asset’s passport is created. It is called security token framework


The asset is compared with thousands of other cases within the framework. The asset passport records the parameters necessary for securitization and specific to this asset type

  • Risk
  • Yield
  • Payment structure

Data for comparison is provided by industrial transaction statistics centers


When passport is filled asset is added to the pool of identical assets to reduce risk. Pool passport parameters are average parameters of all assets in the pool

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